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Smilin' Eyes (POR02PG26-5)

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Smilin’ Eyes is a new variety released by the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding team. It is an outstanding yellow fleshed, yellow skinned round tuber with pink “smilin’ eyes.”


t has exceptional flavor and excellent storage characteristics, producing light uniform colored fries, and flavor when baked, boiled or microwaved.


Requires medium to high levels of Nitrogen and has medium resistance to metribuzin.


Disease Ratings: 

Early dying-susceptible

Common Scab- moderately resistant

PVY- resistant

PLRV- susceptible

Net Necrosis- susceptible

Late Blight Foliar- susceptible

Late Blight Tuber- susceptible

Smilin' Eyes Growers

This variety is currently held under an exclusive agreement with MacLean Farms Ltd.

If interested in growing, licensing or marketing in either Canada or the US, please contact:

Mary Gillis
MacLean Farms Ltd
219 Ashton Road
Coleman, PEI, C0B 1H0

Tel: 902 859 3020


If interested in growing, licensing or marketing elsewhere, please contact PVMI:

Jenny Durrin Gentry 

Tel: 208 242 2644

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