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Summer 2017

2017 Tri-State Tour

Updated September 25th 2017

  • Single hill selection at Aberdeen, week beginning September 25 th : (Rain affected, see notes below:)
  • Tuesday, October 3rd - Hermiston
  • Wednesday, October 4th thru Friday, 6th - single hills selection at Klamath Falls

    Update on Single Hill Selection at Aberdeen

    Almost 1.5” of rain fell Wednesday evening into Friday of last week.

    We are now planning on digging single hills on Wednesday morning (the 27th), with selection to begin out in the field around 10:30 am (allowing diggers to get ahead of selecting group).

    Please come to main U of I office building around 10:00 am prior to going to the field. Also, if you are coming, please let me know so I have a head count for participants (those who have already contacted me, thank you for letting me know).

    Thanks, Rich - 208 851 2154

    For up to the minute information regarding Hermiston and Klamath Falls dates and start times, please contact the following:

  • Hermiston         Sagar        541 223 1699
  • Klamath Falls   Brian          541 591 1255
  • Clearwater Russet (AOA95154-1)

    Clearwater Russet

    Specialty Varieties for Trial


    The Tri-State Breeding Team has announced lines that are available for possible exclusive licenses.

    Click on the Exclusive Opportunities button to the left for more details.

    Mini-tuber Orders for 2018

    Jenny Durrin at the Nuclear Seed Potato Lab at the University of Idaho is starting to multiply tissue culture plantlets for the next greenhouse crop which will be available Spring 2018.

    Mid-December is the deadline if you are interested in ordering any long dormancy varieties such as Teton Russet, Alpine Russet or others. Long Dormancy lines are starred* and in bold below-

    Due to limited greenhouse space, shorter dormancy varieties should also be ordered at this time. Deadline is early February.

    PDF (PDF) See the list of available varieties.

    PVMI Varieties have had their Fingerprints taken!!

    Dr. Vidyasagar (Sagar) Sathuvalli, Assistant Professor Potato Breeding and Genetics with his colleagues at Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC), Oregon State University, have established the SSR Fingerprints for the PVMI varieties as well as for some other common lines. These are now available.

    PDF (PDF) The fingerprinted varieties!

    For more information, contact: Sagar on 541 567 6337
    or email:

    Change of Address

    Please note that with immediate effect the address for all payments to PVMI will be:

    PVMI, Inc., 60380 Chickasaw Way, Bend, OR, 97702, United States of America

    2016 Royalty Form Available For Download

    Go to the list of Documents and Agreements... » Off-site link

    Tri-State Brochure

    A new brochure about the TriState Research and Breeding Program is now available. Tri State Brochure 2015 Cover s PDF Click here to download a (PDF)

    Contact for paper copies.

    New Nitrogen Rates for PVMI Varieties

    Suggested Full-Season Nitrogen Rates and Associated Petiole N03-N Values for Twelve Potato Varieties when Grown in the Columbia Basin of Washington and Oregon.

    PDF Click here to retrieve the article from Mark Pavek at WSU (PDF)

    New Website and Refurbished Research Library Database at

    Since 2012 the Washington, Idaho, and Oregon potato commissions have cooperated in research funding and management, and have called this cooperative venture the Northwest Potato Research Consortium. The Consortium has been represented on the Web by, which included the ‘research library’ developed by the WSPC in the 2000s. Recently, a long-awaited redesign and reprogramming of the website was completed and is now live online.

    For those of you with research library passwords, your old login will work on the new site. For those without a login and password, there is a user-friendly means to request a password. I encourage everyone to have a look, and of course offer feedback anytime!

    Andy Jensen, Consortium Manager.

    New Management Guidelines

    Management Guidelines have been release for Mountain Gem Russet and Targhee Russet

    . . . go to the Varieties page.

    Payette Russet Storage

    Check out the recently released Payette Russet Storage Bulletin.

    PDF (PDF) Bulletin CIS 1220

    New potato varieties chosen for McDonald’s fries


    PULLMAN, Wash. – When it comes to potatoes, french fries are the big outlet for Columbia Basin farmers. And when it comes to selling french fries, McDonald’s is the holy grail.

    Read the complete releaseOff-site link

    Blazer Russet and Clearwater Russet are now accepted by McDonald's for "golden standard."

    Read the press release:

    McDonald's Gilroy Garlic Fries Officially Launch at McDonald's Restaurants Throughout Greater Bay Area Today

    Results from National Fry Processing Trial

    The National Fry Processing Trial (NFPT) is a multi-year and multi-location national effort that aims at identifying new potato varieties with low acrylamide forming potential while maintaining or exceeding the agronomic quality and consumer acceptance found in current varieties.

    Read More... » Off-site link

    Zebra Chip (ZC)

    Essential information about Zebra Chip (ZC) in the Columbia Basin: Identification, Late Season Control, and Storage

     Read More... »

    New Tri-State Russets Comparison

    A Multi year review by Washington State University of several new Tri-State lines shows impressive yields when compared to traditional russets.

    Read More... »Off-site link

    Potatoes and Diabetes

    Researchers at Montana State University have found that several varieties of potatoes could foil type 2 diabetes. Among them is Huckleberry gold. Read the entire article.

    PDF (PDF) The Prairie Star, February 5, 2016

    Tri-States Specialty Review

    USDA reviews Tri-State Specialty Potatoes AmaRosa, Purple Fiesta and TerraRosa

    Click here, to link to the reportOff-site link

    Potato Virus Y Information

    At Off-site link you will find information related to PVY strains, variety-strain interactions in tubers and leaves, and an excellent collection of photographs showing PVY symptoms under a variety of conditions in selected varieties. A ‘Discussion Forum ?is available for specific questions and can be posed to a variety of experts in this field.

    The TriState Selection Tour


    Klamath Falls, October 7th & 8th, 2015