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Rainier Russet (AO06191-1)


Released in 2020, Rainier Russet (AO06191-1) is a medium-to-late maturing selection with oblong to long, large russeted and attractive tubers. Total yields are similar to those of Russet Burbank and Ranger Russet and slightly higher than Russet Norkotah. However Rainier produced significantly higher percent of US No. 1 yields when compared with the standard varieties. It has high protein, high antioxidant level, high specific gravity, light fry color, low acrylamide level, and few internal and external tubers defects.


Post-harvest merit scores for fresh market and processing quality of Rainier Russet were higher than Russet Burbank and Ranger Russet and similar to Russet Norkotah but has superior fresh packability of individual tubers.


Rainier Russet tubers are less susceptible to growth cracks, second growth, hollow heart/brown center, and internal brown spot than Russet Burbank tubers. Tuber net necrosis and shatter bruise for Rainier Russet was higher than Russet Burbank but still within acceptable limits. Blackspot bruise expression for Rainier Russet is similar to Russet Burbank.


Rainier Russet won first place in the Russet Category for two consecutive years at the Oregon Potato Commission Goodness Unearthed Best Potato Award.

Rainier Russet Growers

Tri-State Growers

Other US Growers

Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc. Colorado

Jackson - Brush Plant Lab, Montana

Enander Seed Farm North Dakota

Jorde Certified Seed, LLC. North Dakota


Great North Seed Potatoes Ltd Alberta

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