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Alturas (A82360-7)



Released in 2002, Alturas was fifth and seventh in acreage in Idaho and the U.S. in 2006, respectively. Alturas is used primarily for processing, with its light russeting limiting its use for fresh-pack; however, it has been rated highly for its culinary quality.


It is notable for its high yields and solids, and coldsweetening resistance.


Alturas has resistance to Verticillium wilt and early blight. Weaknesses include short tuber dormancy, late maturity in areas with short growing seasons and higher water requirements than Russet Burbank.


A release article for Alturas was published in the American Journal of Potato Research in 2003, volume 80.  In addition, an interpretive summary and technical abstract of "Alturas: a Multi-Purpose Russet Potato Cultivar with High Yield and Specific Gravity" is available on the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) site.


Alturas Growers

Tri-State Growers

B & H Farming, Idaho

Beutler Farms, Idaho

Foster Land & Cattle, Idaho

Gibbs Farm, Idaho

Gilbert Farms LLC, Idaho

Jorgensen Farms, Idaho

RNR Enterprises Inc, Idaho

Soda Springs Solar Gardens LLC, Idaho

Telford's Sun Valley Seed, Idaho

Triple R Farms LLC., Idaho

Grande Ronde Potato Seed Farm, Oregon

Spokane Hutterian Brethren Washington State

Other US Growers

CSS Farms LLC, Colorado

Arcadia Ag LLC, Montana

Big Sky Seed, Montana

Clark Johnson, Montana

Droge Farms, Inc., Montana

Jackson - Brush Plant Lab, Montana

Lake Farms, Inc., Montana

Starkel Farms, Montana

Starkel Seed Potatoes, LLC, Montana

CSS Farms Inc., Nebraska

Whole Seed Farm, Nebraska


CK Jespersen Farms, Alberta

Haarsma Farms Ltd, Alberta

Royal Adventure Farms Ltd., Alberta

Sunnycrest Seed Potatoes, Inc., Alberta

Plant Propagation Centre, New Brunswick

Pasquia Seed Potatoes, Saskatchewan

Youngplants Canada Ltd., Saskatchewan

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