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Yukon Gem (NDA5507-3Y)



Released in 2006, this round-oblong, yellow-fleshed variety is very similar to its parent, Yukon Gold. However, Yukon Gem (NDA5507-3Y) is higher-yielding (12% higher in Idaho) than Yukon Gold and is resistant to PVY, common scab, tuber blight (early and late), net necrosis, blackspot and shatter bruise. It is moderately resistant to dry rot and foliar late blight. Its resistances make it a good candidate for organic production. It also makes acceptable chips, but its lower specific gravity may limit its use for this purpose.


Yukon Gem is a mid-season selection with light-yellow flesh and higher yield potential than Yukon Gold (its paternal parent). It is also notable for its PVY and tuber blight resistances that are derived from its Scottish parent, Brodick. Yukon Gem total yield across all Western regional sites was significantly greater than Yukon Gold in repeated trials. Merit ratings for fresh pack characteristics including post harvest evaluations for boiling, baking, and microwave characteristics were comparable to those for Yukon Gold in all four years. 


Yukon Gem has moderately low specific gravity and good resistance to tuber malformations and most internal and external defects; its tubers exhibit little or no after-cooking darkening. It produces acceptable potato chips, but its lower specific gravity may limit its use for this purpose.


Yukon Gem has an erect, medium vine that matures relatively early in the season. It produces medium red-purple flowers that have a tendency to abort.  It produces round to oval, light yellow skin with pink splash around the eyes. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number and are evenly distributed. Tuber set is low to medium, and tuber size is medium.  Yukon Gem produced higher average total yields than Yukon Gold in early harvest trials in eastern Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Average yields were 12% higher than Yukon Gold in Idaho, 41% higher in Oregon and 21% higher in Washington. Yukon Gem produced higher yields of 4-10 oz. Tubers at all locations but also produced lower yields of>10 oz. Tubers than Yukon Gold at all locations.  In 20 trials grown in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, average specific gravity and percent solids for Yukon Gem were lower than that of Yukon Gold. Yukon Gem also produced slightly lighter fry color than Yukon Gold out of 45°F storage.

Yukon Gem Growers

Tri-State Growers

Parkinson Foundation Seed Farm, Inc. Idaho

Telford's Sun Valley Seed Idaho

Other US Growers

Bradstreet Family Farm LLC. Maine

Campbell Family Farms Maine

Daniel Corey Farms Maine

Thibodeau Homestead Maine

Wood Prairie Farm Maine

Holbrook Seed Potatoes LLC Montana

Jackson - Brush Plant Lab, Montana


Plant Propagation Centre New Brunswick

Squirrell Farms Ontario

University of Guelph, SPUD Unit Ontario

Compton Bros. Inc. Prince Edward Island

J & J Thompson Prince Edward Island

Martin Visser & Sons Prince Edward Island

PEI Potato Board Prince Edward Island

Agri Select Elite Québec

True North Seed Potato Co. Ltd. Saskatchewan

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