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TerraRossa (PORO1PG20-12) is a mid-season specialty potato with red skin and red flesh. This selection is unique among commercially available varieties for the oblong tubers with a very high culinary quality. Tubers are ideal for microwave, frying or baking. Chips made from retain their rosy color and resist fading.


Tubers are smooth with shallow eyes that are well distributed across the tuber. It produces somewhat lower yields than Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda in regional specialty trials conducted in 2006 and 2007.

TerraRossa needs to be handled gently to prevent skinning during harvest. It has few surface blemishes and internal problems, significantly less than those found on Red LaSoda.


TerraRossa has only medium storage capability and medium to high fer- tility requirements. It has been found to be resistant to Metribuzin.

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