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Sage Russet (AO96164-1)

Sage Russet c.jpg


Sage Russet (AO96164-1) is currently in the process of being released. It has a medium-early maturity and produces long, somewhat flattened tubers with medium russeting. 


Total yields of Sage Russet equal those of Russet Burbank, and Ranger Russet. Percent U.S. No. 1 tuber yields equal those of Ranger Russet and Russet Norkotah. Sage Russet has moderate specific gravity, and produces lighter fry color than Russet Burbank. Internal defects are minimal.


Concerns include a higher level of susceptibility to shatter bruise and a high level of environmental influence on tuber shape which affects the overall percent of french fry recovery. Sage Russet can be grown for either an early or late crop with spectacular yields. It achieved very high merit scores in processing trials during the years of 2005 though 2007 in OR, ID, WA and CA and can be considered for the fresh market.


Sage Russet needs medium to high fertility and has medium storage capability. It has been found to be susceptible to Fusarium, and moderately resistant to Metribuzin.

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