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Pomerelle Russet (A02062-1TE)

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Pomerelle Russet, was known as A02062-1TE prior to release. It is an early maturing fresh variety that produces moderately high early-season yields. It has very attractive, smooth oblong-long tubers with brown-russeted skin. It is resistant to internal and external defects and has a high percentage of U.S. No. 1 yield.


Relative to industry standard varieties, Pomerelle Russet has greater resistance to soft rot, corky ringspot, Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) and tuber infections from late blight.


It also has high protein and vitamin C concentrations, moderate specific gravity and good resistance to sugar ends.


With moderately long dormancy, about 30 days shorter than Russet Burbank, it maintains acceptable fry color for about 180-200 days in storage at 48oF, indicating some potential for processing out of short-term storage. However, its primary use appears to be as a high quality, early fresh variety.

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Pomerelle Russet Growers

Tri-State Growers

Other US Growers

Boyd Farms Maine

Brent Edgecomb Maine

Crown Farms Maine

Edwin Pelletier & Sons, Inc. Maine

Sklarczyk Seed Farm, LLC. Michigan

Jorde Certified Seed, LLC. North Dakota


Great North Seed Potatoes Ltd Alberta

Sandhills Seed Potatoes Ltd Alberta

Givskud Farm Inc. New Brunswick

Phytocultures Ltd Prince Edward Island

La Patate Lac-St-Jean Québec

Pommes de Terre Laurentiennes Inc, Québec

Within Canada this variety is currently held under an exclusive agreement with
Pommes de Terre Laurentiennes Inc

If interested in growing, licensing or marketing in either Canada or the US, please contact:

Ginette Cardinal
Pommes de Terre Laurentiennes Inc
148 RG Gustave
Notre-Dame-De-La-Paix, Quebec G0V 1P0

Tel: (819) 522-6111

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