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Palisade Russet (A97066-42LB)

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Palisade Russet, A97066-42LB is notable for having  resistance to foliar and tuber late blight caused by  Phytophthora infestans, as well as Verticillium wilt, black dot, and pink rot, and has a moderate level of resistance to tuber net necrosis, PVY, and early blight of both the foliage and tuber.


Palisade Russet has higher specific gravities (tuber starch content) in western production regions of the U.S. then is generally accepted by the western processing industry. However, in potato production regions with inherently low specific gravities, Palisade Russet has potential as a processing cultivar. In addition, the disease resistances of Palisade Russet make it a good candidate for organic production, or for use by growers seeking reduced pesticide inputs.


Palisade Russet has a medium-large, erect vine with white flowers and mediumlate maturity. It produces oblong tubers with brown, lightly russeted skin and white flesh. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number and are evenly distributed.


Palisade Russet is similar to Russet Burbank with a low set of medium-sized tubers. Tuber dormancy is between that of Russet Burbank (long dormancy) and Ranger Russet (medium dormancy).

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