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Modoc (NDO4300-1R)


Modoc (NDO4300-1R)is an early maturing, round to oval, red skinned clone suitable for fresh market use.  It produces total yields slightly lower than those of Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda but with a more desirable size profile, with higher yields of small, high-value tubers, and fewer culls.


Tubers are round to oval, and seldom exhibit growth cracks or irregular shape common to Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda. The tubers are a uniform bright skin color that does not fade in storage, and have shallow eye depth compared to Red LaSoda. 


Modoc tubers have specific gravity (total solids/starch) similar to Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda.  Internal defects, including hollow heart and brown center, and external growth cracks occur less frequently than in Dark Red Norland or Red LaSoda.


Modoc vines mature slightly earlier than Red LaSoda, and are sensitive to metribuzin injury. Modoc is susceptible to most fungal diseases.  Experience with seed increases indicate it is not particularly susceptible to virus diseases and expresses readily discernible foliar symptoms to PVY. It is susceptible to late blight foliar and tuber infection.

Modoc Growers

Tri-State Growers

Cascade Seed Potato Oregon

Stastny Farms Oregon

Dick Bedlington Farms, LLC Washington State

Ebe Farms, LLC. Washington State

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds LLC. Washington State

Other US Growers

CSS Farms LLC Colorado

Salazar Farms Colorado

San Acacio Seed Colorado

Worley Family Farms, LLC Colorado

Zapata Seed Company Colorado

Brooks Dagen Farm Minnesota

Justin Dagen Farm Minnesota

Mason Minnesota

Pieper Farms LLC Minnesota

Valley Tissue Culture, Inc. Minnesota

Van Erkel Farms, Inc Minnesota

Childstock Farms, Inc. New York

Carter Farms North Dakota

David Fedje Farms North Dakota

Enander Seed Farm North Dakota

Jorde Certified Seed, LLC. North Dakota

Baginski Farms, Inc.Wisconsin

Eagle River Seed Farm LLC Wisconsin


Haarsma Farms Ltd Alberta

McLaughlin Farms New Brunswick

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