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Mazama (NDO2686-6R)



Mazama (NDO2686-6R) is an early maturing clone with oval, bright red skinned tubers suitable for table use and the red-skinned creamer market.  It produces lower total yields than Red LaSoda and Dark Red Norland, but similar marketable yields with a high percentage of small, high-value tubers, and significantly fewer culls. 


Mazama tubers are oval with uniformly bright red skin color that does not fade in storage, and have shallow eyes.  They have higher specific gravity than Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda. Internal defects, including hollow heart and brown center, and external growth cracks seldom occur.


Mazama vines mature slightly earlier than Red LaSoda or Dark Red Norland, and are sensitive to metribuzin injury.  It is more resistant to PVY than Dark Red Norland and much more resistant than Red LaSoda.


Mazama expresses typical PVY foliage symptoms, which are readily observable and is susceptible to most fungal diseases and to corky ringspot caused by tobacco rattle virus.

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