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LaBelle Russet (A06021-1T)

La Belle Russet.jpg


La Belle Russet is an early to medium maturing variety with good early-season yields of oblong-long, medium-russeted tubers and excellent dormancy comparable to Russet Burbank.


It has greater resistance to tuber malformations and most internal and external defects than Russet Burbank.


La Belle Russet maintains acceptable reducing sugar concentrations and fry quality directly from the field and when stored at up to 9 months at 48oF.


High early-season U.S. No. 1 yields, coupled with excellent culinary and nutritional qualities, also make it an excellent choice for fresh market production.

La Belle Russet Growers

Tri-State Growers

Other US Growers

Jorde Certified Seed, LLC. North Dakota


Haenni Farms Alberta

Phytocultures Ltd Prince Edward Island

Pommes de Terre Laurentiennes Inc, Québec

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