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Huckleberry Gold

Huckleberry Gold_ID_02.jpg


Huckleberry Gold, A99326-1PY produces round to oval tubers with purple skin and yellow flesh. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number and eye distribution is predominantly apical. Tuber set is low, and tuber size is medium-small. However, this variety has the ability to produce large tubers under the right conditions. Huckleberry Gold is more resistant to growth cracks, secondary growth, and hollow heart than Yukon Gold.


Huckleberry Gold has substantially higher antioxidant concentrations and lower vitamin C and sucrose concentrations than Yukon Gold.


Huckleberry Gold is slightly more resistant to common scab and Verticillium wilt, but slightly more susceptible to tuber early blight and soft rot and more susceptible to foliar infections of PLRV than Yukon Gold. Huckleberry Gold had an average specific gravity of 1.076, lower than that of Yukon Gold.


Average total and U.S. No. 1 yields for Huckleberry Gold were lower than those for Yukon Gold in Idaho and Washington but higher in Oregon. Merit ratings for fresh pack characteristics including post harvest evaluations for boiling, baking, and microwave characteristics were comparable to those for Yukon Gold in 2009.

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