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Gem Russet (A8495-1)


Gem Russet (A8495-1) is a medium to late maturing, medium to high yielding variety with long tuber type and medium russet skin.  It is useful for both the fresh and processing markets with high specific gravity, excellent fry color from 45° storage, and will often fry acceptably following 40°F storage


Strengths include excellent tuber shape and appearance, high gradeout, long dormancy, high solids, and good fry color.


Weaknesses include fairly late emergence and mediocre yields in some environments and susceptibility to PVY. 


Although highly susceptible to PVY, Gem Russet shows only mild symptoms which can be masked in many field situations. Because of mild symptom expression, it is sometimes considered a symptomless carrier of PVY.  Gem Russet is also susceptible to early dying and late blight.  It has moderate resistance to scab.

Gem Russet Growers

Tri-State Growers

Other US Growers


Camirlaney Farms British Columbia

Shaw Creek Farms British Columbia

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