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Clearwater Russet / AOA95154-1  promo download (PDF)

A new dual purpose russet with high protein and excellent processing qualities
Clearwater Russet / AOA95154-1 

Clearwater Russet known as AOA95154-1 prior to release, is medium-late maturing, with oblong-long tubers that have medium-russet skin. Tubers exhibit excellent fry color out of storage and their attractiveness make this variety suitable for both processing and fresh market usage.

Clearwater Russet has high specific gravity and is resistant to sugar ends as well as most internal and external tuber defects. Clearwater Russet also is notable for having a higher protein content than those of standard potato varieties, with 38% greater concentration than Russet Burbank.  Has moderate resistance to Verticillium.

General Clearwater Russet Management Recommendations   file download (PDF)

University of Idaho Agronomy Notes for  Clearwater Russet  file download (PDF) (Revised March 5, 2010)

University of Idaho Cultural Management Recommendations for Clearwater Russet  file download (PDF)

WA Columbia Basin Cultural Management Recommendations for Clearwater  Russet  file download (PDF) (Revised June 2017)

The Kimberley Potato Storage Facility's recommendations for the Storage Management of Clearwater Russet Potatoes (Issued September 2013)Off-site link


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