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Targhee Russet / A01010-1  promo download (PDF)

 A dual-purpose variety having high yield attractive tubers
Targhee Russet

Targhee Russet, known as A01010-1 prior to release, is a dual purpose variety with vine maturity similar to Russet Burbank. It produces a high yield of attractive, long tubers with brown-russeted skin and higher marketable yields and merit relative to Russet Burbank.

Targhee Russet is notable for its resistance to soft rot and has excellent resistance to most internal and external defects except shatter bruise. It has significantly higher protein and vitamin C contents than those of most standard varieties.

It has moderate specific gravity and produces lighter colored fries out of storage than standard processing varieties. Industry evaluations of processing quality indicate good potential for producing premium quality frozen and fresh-cut fries. Fresh merit evaluation scores have also been high indicating that it has excellent potential as a dual-purpose variety.




Targhee Russet

Management Guidelines for  Targhee Russet  file download (PDF)



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