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Red Sunset / AO93487-2R  promo download (PDF)


AO93487-2R - Photo by Steve James

Photo by Isabel Vales

A new OSU line released in 2009, Red Sunset (AO93487-2R) produces high marketable yield with excellent fresh market quality. It outperforms Dark Red Norland and Red LaSoda in the percentage number ones and skin color ratings. This bright red skinned, mid to early maturing variety also has high Vitamin C and Iron content.

Red Sunset has a round bright red skin, mid-early maturity for the fresh market. High US.No.1 yields, bright red skin color that does not fade in storage, shallow eye depth, few internal & external defects with high fresh market merits.

Red Sunset is resistant to scab and moderately resistant to net necrosis. Weaknesses include a propensity toward moderate skinning during harvest and susceptibility to viruses and late blight.

Red Sunset has medium storage capability and requires medium to high fertility. This line is resistant to Metribuzin at normal application rates.

  Red Sunset Fact Sheet  file download (PDF)

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