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Premier Russet / A93157-6LS promo download (PDF)

A dual purpose russet with excellent fry color out of cold storage.
Premier Russet / A93157-6LS

Released in 2006, this dual-purpose variety is most notable for its resistance to the accumulation of reducing sugars following long-term storage at temperatures as low as 42 F. Premier Russet is high yielding and has tubers with high specific gravity and few external defects. It is resistant to PVY˚ , common and powdery scab, early dying, and is tolerant of water stress. It is also moderately resistant to tuber early blight and soft rot. Weaknesses include susceptibility to blackspot bruise, Fusarium dry rot, and early season hollow heart. Premier Russet also has short tuber dormancy, but its ability to store at 42 F can help to prolong dormancy.

Premier Russet tastes good and makes a fine looking tuber.  It is a mid to late season variety notable for its high yield of oblong-long, medium russeted tubers, high specific gravity, excellent fry color from cold storage and resistances to sugar ends, tuber malformations and most internal and external defects.

Premier Russet / A93157-6LS 

WA Columbia Basin Cultural Management Recommendations for Premier Russet  file download (PDF)

Aberdeen Potato Breeding Program Cultural Management  Recommendations for Premier Russet file download (PDF)

University of Idaho Agronomy Notes for  Premier Russet  file download (PDF(Revised March 5, 2010)

University of Idaho Cultural Management Recommendations for Premier Russet  file download (PDF) (Revised January 2012)

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Premier Russet / A93157-6LS