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Alpine Russet / A9305-10  promo download (PDF)


Alpine Russet / A9305-10 

Alpine Russet, known as A9305-10 prior to release, is a high yielding, medium to late maturing cultivar with oblong tubers, light russet skin and good processing quality following long-term storage.

Alpine Russet has moderately high specific gravity, resistances to sugar ends, tuber malformations and most internal and external defects. It is notable for a tuber dormancy most similar to that of Russet Burbank, making it an excellent candidate for long-term storage, with processing characteristics superior to that of Russet Burbank. Alpine Russet produces oblong tubers with medium thickness and light russet skin. The eyes are shallow in depth and intermediate in number and are predominately apical. Tuber set is low, and tuber size is medium large. 

Alpine Russet has moderate resistance to scab and Verticillium wilt. It has a high early yield with large percentage of US No.1 tubers.  

Its weaknesses include a light russet skin and susceptibility to PVY.

Alpine Russet / A9305-10

Agronomy Notes for  Alpine Russet  file download (PDF)

Recommendations for Alpine Russet for the Columbia Basin. (2013) file download (PDF)

University of Idaho Cultural Management Recommendations for Alpine Russet file download (PDF)

University of Idaho Storage Management of Alpine Russet file download (PDF)

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Alpine Russet / A9305-10