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Winter 2014 - 2015

Seed Available for planting this year

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PVMI at the Montana Potato Growers' Meeting in Missoula, MT

PVMI in Montana

Results from National Fry Processing Trial

New The National Fry Processing Trial (NFPT) is a multi-year and multi-location national effort that aims at identifying new potato varieties with low acrylamide forming potential while maintaining or exceeding the agronomic quality and consumer acceptance found in current varieties.

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New Tri-State Russets Comparison

New A Multi year review by Washington State University of several new Tri-State lines shows impressive yields when compared to traditional russets.

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Tri-States Specialty Review

USDA reviews Tri-State Specialty Potatoes AmaRosa, Purple Fiesta and TerraRosa

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Gems versus Gold

Yukon Gem gets high marks in North Dakota when it is compared with Yukon Gold.

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Variety News

Download the 2014 Summer issue of Variety News, the semi-annual newsletter from the Potato Variety Management Institute, or Previous PVMI Newsletters

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MSU Potato Lab Looks to New Colorful Spuds

A potato that's purple on the outside and yellow on the inside is one of four new varieties coming to Montana to help attract new markets for the state's $40 million seed potato industry  says Nina Zidack, director of the Montana State University Potato Lab

photo by Simon Davies

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Potato Virus Y Information

At potatovirus.comOff-site link you will find information related to PVY strains, variety-strain interactions in tubers and leaves, and an excellent collection of photographs showing PVY symptoms under a variety of conditions in selected varieties. A ‘Discussion Forum�?is available for specific questions and can be posed to a variety of experts in this field.

Zebra Chip (ZC)

Essential information about Zebra Chip (ZC) in the Columbia Basin: Identification, Late Season Control, and Storage

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Mini-tuber Orders for 2016

Lorie Ewing at the Potato Lab at the University of Idaho is starting to multiply tissue culture plantlets for the next greenhouse crop which will be available in 2016.

Mid – December is the deadline if you are interested in ordering any long dormancy varieties such as Teton Russet, Alpine Russet or others.

Due to limited greenhouse space, shorter dormancy varieties should also be ordered at this time, deadline is early February.

PDF(PDF) Available PVMI Clones

Contact: Lorie Ewing on 208 885 6663
or email:

Technical Data Sheets Just Out on New Releases

New … seen at the Potato-Expo and on the PVMI booth at recent Potato Association meetings, here are the initial data sheets on four soon to be released varieties.

PDF (PDF) Payette Russet (A02507-2LB)

             (PDF) Pomerelle Russet (A02062-1TE)

             (PDF) Targhee Russet (A01010-1)

             (PDF) Mountain Gem Russet (A03158-2TE)

Teton Russet Storage

New Check out the new Teton Russet Storage Bulletin just released and presented at the Idaho Potato School.

PDF (PDF) Bulletin CIS 1216

Petiole Nitrate Ranges That Optimized Economic Return 

Petiole nitrate ranges that optimized economic return for ten cultivars grown in the Columbia Basin of Washington.

PDF (PDF) Varieties Available List 

Sustainable Production of New Potato Varieties

The goal of a recent multi-year research project funded in part by the ISDA specialty crop block grant program and the Idaho Potato Commission was to document the extent to which we can reduce fertilizer, irrigation and pesticide inputs for five newly released potato varieties...

PDF (PDF) Sustainable Production of New Potato Varieties

Oregon Seed Growers Information

The Oregon Seed Potato Growers contact list is now posted on the OSCS Web page at

New Potato Institute Bringing in Dollars for Research, Product Marketing

Potato commissions in the three states launched PVMI in 2005. The non-profit corporation is housed in Bend, Ore., and provides a grower-controlled alternative to the universities�?efforts to manage varieties...

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2014 Royalty Form Available For Download

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PNW Variety Program Presentation

Potato Variety Development & Improvement in the Northwest Presentation promo download (PDF)

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